Fallout Southeast

No getting laid just pummeled by super mutants

Today there was no getting laid…

We came back to the school compound with our hoard of parts. This guy gai sum from the vault tried to use the parts we had to fix the water purifier. Unfortunelty he failed. I’m not sure if it was his lack of skill or the parts we had were just not of enough quality. A couple of days ago Artie a member of the party had a transmission come through from a outpost in the distance. We decided to venture there in our combat truck to see if they might have some extra electrical parts and maybe some other supplies. George took the wheel while I Hornig took the co-driver seat. George had mad skills behind the wheel of “The Scrounger”. We had a map that had two gas stations on it which were on the way to the outpost. As we were driving down the road we came under attack by knights. With no skill with a gun I was almost useless. I tried jumping off the truck and hitting them as they drove by but I was mostly ineffective. In all the fighting Bob and I were knocked out. We managed to beat them back and was able to scavenge one of their motorcycles. We made it to the gas station pretty ragged. We spent some time repairing the scrounger and resting. We decided to head for the second gas station. On our way we came under attack again. It seems like our party has a laser tageting system on it triggering all the surrounding bad guys to attack us. Anyways this vehicle with 25mm cannon attacked us. It pretty much demolished scrounger in a minute or two. Bob and myself were left all alone on the scrounger when could explode at any moment. I had no choice but to ride the motorcycle with the unconsious bob on it to safety. Inside the vehicle that attacked us came two super mutants to finish us off. What they didn’t see coming was george and his alien weapon. About 30 seconds later they were both on the ground dead. I’ve got to say I’m glad George is on my side. Right now I’m writing from the second gas station. Tomorrow we will be headed for the outpost. I didn’t get laid today, but I’m glad to be alive. Maybe there will be some hot chicas at the outpost we are headed to.

Hornig Signing off.



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