Fallout Southeast

My Brain Doesn't Taste That Good Mr. Zombie I Promise

We reached G-ville at night and came across a barrier set up by some of the locals. They wouldn’t let us pass in our vehicle, but knew where the senders of the radio signal were. They were the gar and the enemies of these people. The gar aren’t the Aryan group that enslaved me but from what I’ve heard they are no better. We decided to let the honest looking locals to guard our truck while we went and kicked some gar ass. On our way to fight the gar we got attacked by zombies. I showed off my green belt skills and killed two in one attack. The rest of the party was amazed. We took down the first group of zombies no problem. Artie however noticed that for once these zombies actually used TACTICS! We then got attacked by one of the trustworthy locals and two zombies. I criticalled the local in his face to teach him for being fake trustworthy. Artie got bit in the process and then seemed to be ignored for the rest of the battles. After this second battle we decided to press forward and reach the hospital where the gar were. We then got attacked by 4 of the trustworthy locals and two of them wound up picking on little ol’ me. George resorted to desperate measures and pulled out his alien gun. I was on the ropes but thanks to a stranger coming in to help we were able to defeat these locals as well. The locals had the same characteristics as zombies as being imune to most damage except that done to their head, but they weren’t mindless like zombies and were far more powerful. After this battle we decided to return with the stranger, Bob-Navarro, to his place for some much needed rest and to come up with a new game plan. We got attacked once more but we proved to be too strong for the locals and successfully made it to Bob-Navarro’s house to rest.

Hornig Out



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