Fallout Southeast

Lucky and Unlucky

It seems our normal logger has left the party for the time being so it looks like it is up to me SOULCRUSHER to keep the log this time…

We started our journey from the slaver camp where both me and Bob the cleric were stil bloodied from the fight. Traveling at night in order to be at our best for when the zombies come out we managed to fight off a couple of waves. I myself split one in two with a mighty blow from my sword. Unfortunetly I slipped on the next swing and cut Diedryck in half. The rest of us managed to survive until daybreak. That damn Arty was useless though. You have a gun use it.

We rested for a while and then continued our travels to the broken down school. We came across Crazy Jakes’ Roadside Supply. He had some very nice wares unfortunetly they were out of my price range. I did sell off 10 gallons of gas and was able to get a pretty sweet combat helmet. We also met George who is quick on his feet. He decided to come with us to the school because well who wants to walk in the wastelands by themselves??

We made it to the school without any further losses. Inside it was pitch black and all we had was a pen light that Arty had. Inside we were attacked by zombies. After defeating all but one of the initial wave and Giant zombie appeared. Harman stepped up to the plate and did a ton of damage to it with his combat shotgun. I then took at turn at it with my sword and did some damage. Harman then got grabbed by it and got a big bite taken out of him. Eventually the big brute took Harman down. I didn’t have a choice then. I put all the force I could behind the next blow and staggered the huge monster. Somehow he kept fighting and the hit he gave me next staggered me. I could barely breath. A zombie however walked past me going towards Bob and I realized if it gets Bob then no one is going to be able to heal me. I used the last of my strength to take down the zombie and fell unconsious. Luckily in the next round the zombie boss finally collapsed from all the blows it had sustained. We were victorious but at what cost?? I have started to notice the beginnings of the zombie disease in Bob. I have no idea how to stop that or if it can be stopped, hopefully the god he prays to has more power than I.

We’ve barracicaded ourselves in the school for now hoping to get some well-deserved rest.



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