Fallout Southeast

Getting Shot by a Sniper is no fun

Today I got shot by a hunting rifle many times. How I survived I do not know. I owe thanks to Jimmy on this one. We were headed to the hospital to see if we could get some medical supplies and maybe food. Unfortunetly we walked right into a snipers field of vision and took a lot of damage. This guy was good. We managed to find the building he was on top of and cornered him. He got in a well placed shot on me and I passed out. Next thing I know Jimmy is standing over after he used a stim pack to get me back to my feet. I managed to grapple with the sniper and we subdued him. Being a member of the Brotherhood I showed him no mercy and punched his head in. Not one of them deserve to live after the atrocities they have committed. I took his rifle from him; I figure with some practice I can shoot as good as him. Against my protests we headed on torwards the Hospital. When we got there we tried to sneak up to the entrance, but were immediatly spotted. I decided to go with the strategy “he who runs away lives to fight another day” and made a graceful retreat. The others soon saw the brilliance of my strategy (thanks two ranks in knowledge tactics) and also retreated. Well I’m almost died, but I got a nifty rifle I’m not very good at shooting and I surivived to fight another day. I would say today was a good day.

Hornig Out



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