“The RobCo Pip-Boy (PIP stands for Personal Information Processor) is an electronic device manufactured by RobCo Industries, using ultra-modern super-deluxe resolution graphics, which coupled with its capability to store large amounts of information and transfer data to and from holodisks and from data tubes make it the obvious choice for the wandering explorer, the out-on-his-own newbie, or the all-around survivalist expert.” -uom.tx file in help directory

Pip-Boy 3000S

The purpose and function of the Pip-Boy 3000, akin to its predecessors, is that of a Personal Information Processor. It is designed to manage the user’s condition and status, allow for the storage and accessing of holotapes and notes collected, as well as monitoring weapons status and ammunition if applicable. The 3000 models all have built-in radios and Geiger Counters. The Pip-Boy 3000 features a biometric lock that can only be opened by the user or a skilled technician. (If one is not so skilled, a bonesaw will also suffice…) The Pip-Boy 3000 also features a light that illuminates the area around the user, allowing them to see better in the dark. If required, the Pip-Boy can also function as a GPS, displaying a map of the user’s surroundings. The S series is specifically designed with a satellite uplink, allowing users to place tags visible by any other users in the same satellite coverage area. If there are nearby radio stations, the Pip-Boy is able to play the station, regardless of the distance (though there may be static at long distances) as well as saving the frequency for later access.

The Pip-Boy 3000S series is also capable of transmitting messages via satellite, or directly to users in very close proximity. Due to projected interference, messages longer than 250 characters would likely experience significant decay, so for your convenience RobCo hardcoded a 250 character limit on all messages conveyed. Satellite messages may be delayed as much as several days if bandwidth is limited, especially in the case of National Emergency. However, any messages not immediately deliverable due to network congestion, signal unreliability, or absence of recipient from service area will be held by the network until deliverable.

The Pip-Boy is attached to the user’s left arm, along with a specialized fingerless glove that goes over the left hand, with a dial on the backhand. This glove serves as a sensor for the Pip-Boy’s health monitor.


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