Mentats increase the user’s mental acuity for a short period of time, but are ultimately dangerous due to the harsh after effects and a high rate of addiction. An experimental drug originally for the military, created by Med-Tek. The eventually gained FDA approval and these red pills were a popular party drug, widely appreciated for their effect on creativity. A full box weighs .2 lbs. and contains 16 mentats.

Initial Effect: Grants +2 to Intelligence, +2 to Spot, Listen, and Search checks, and a +1 to all Charisma related skills for 24 hours.

Secondary Effect: 2 Intelligence damage.

Side Effects: Some users demonstrate a tendency to be overly wordy, and in extreme cases an annoying smarty-pants.

Overdose: More than 3 doses in 24 hours will have no further beneficial effect, but will continue to cause disorientation and memory loss proportionate to the number of doses taken. User’s whose Intelligence drop to 0 as a result of Mentats overuse take 1d4 Intelligence drain.

Trade Value


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