Combat Armor

High tech armor, made out of advanced defensive polymers. Combat armor was designed to sheath the human body as completely as possible in high durability armor. The primary skin of combat armor is composed of complex polymers and ceramics. This hard armor was manufactured as specific plates. The plates were manufactured with a matte-finish olive drab coloring suitable for woodland camouflage. These plates are affixed to a flexible body suit interwoven with thermal-dissipative membranes and bulletproof material. Helmet Sold Separately.

Provides Energy Resistance:
  • 12 against Laser
  • 6 against Fire
  • 10 against Plasma
  • 10 against Electricity
  • 8 against Concussion

Requires Medium Armor Proficiency.

Armor Bonus DR/- Non-Prof. Bonus to AC Max Dex Armor Check Penalty Speed Weight TV
+5 +3 +2 +3 -2 25ft 18lbs 650

Combat Armor

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