Called Shots

Called Shot

As a standard action, any character may choose to target the head or a particular limb. Critical hit called shots are especially devastating. As well, the AC bonus and Damage Resistance provided by the target’s armor is ignored by a called shot to the head unless the target is wearing a helmet. Various other situations may call for a called shot. No called shot can lower the target’s base AC (i.e. a called shot to the limb or head of a colossal creature has no modifier, but is a standard action).

Hit Locations:

Head +8
Limb +4


Size Target’s AC Modifier
Small +2
Huge -2
Gargantuan -4
Colossal -8

A called shot generally ignores cover bonuses to AC if the targeted body part is not behind cover. If the targeted area is at least half-covered add +2 to the called shot modifier. An area completely behind cover cannot be targeted with a called shot. See Cover.

Called Shots

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