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  • Called Shots

    h1. Called Shot As a standard action, any character may choose to target the head or a particular limb. Critical hit called shots are especially devastating. As well, the AC bonus and Damage Resistance provided by the target's armor is ignored by a …

  • Coordinate

    DC 10 Charisma Check to grant +1 attack and skills to a number of allies equal to 1/2 your Charismatic Level for a duration of your Charisma Modifier.

  • Feint

    Mislead an opponent = flat-footed against your next attack Bluff vs Sense Motive + Base Attack Bonus

  • Run

    Get... me.... out... of........ here! Move at 4x speed in straight line for duration of rounds equal to Constitution Score. Constitution Checks are needed to keep running past Constitution Score (DC 10 for first round; then plus 1 per subsequent round)

  • Luck

    h1. Luck (Lck) Luck measures how well things _happen_ to work out for your character, independent of his or her plans, skills, and intentions. There is no class associated with Luck. You apply your character's Luck modifier to: * Scavenge and …

  • Aid Another

    You want some help... okay Grant +2 Attack or AC Attack vs AC 10 (must be within attack range)

  • Seek Cover

    It is not called cowering behind a wall! |_.Degree of Cover|_.Cover Bonus to AC|_.Cover Bonus to Reflex Saves| |1/4 (Standing behind a 3ft tall wall)|+2|+1| |1/2 (Fighting around a corner, or standing at a window)|+4|+2| |3/4 (Peering around a …

  • Drop Prone

    Get down on the ground now! Gain +4 AC against ranged attacks Lose -4 AC against melee attacks (getting up could provoke an attack of opportunity)

  • Flank

    Let's play monkey in the middle... by the way... you are the monkey! Gain +2 Attack for yourself and your ally on the other side (must be in melee attack range)

  • Withdraw

    Maybe it was a bad idea to rush in with Plan A? Can move up to 2x speed and don't receive an attack of opportunity from the square you start from.

  • Amor Proficiencies

    *Benefit:* When you wear a type of armor with which you are proficient, you get to add the armor's equipment bonus to your AC. Also, the armor check penalty applies only to Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Swim, and Tumble checks. …

  • Exp

    |_.Character|_.Level|_.Current Exp|_.Next Level| |Arthur|8|49,288|52,000| |Jimmy|9|63,069|76,000| |Bob|8|40,777|52,000| |George|8|45,405|52,000| |Hornig|9|60,273|76,000|

  • Karma

    Karma effects many NPC's general reaction to a character positively or negatively based on how similar or dissimilar the character and NPC's Karma levels are. A peaceful town would have trouble accepting a remorseless killer even if he only killed …

  • Rules

    [[Aid Another | Aid Another]] [[Amor Proficiencies | Amor Proficiencies]] [[Attack | Attack]] [[Called Shots | Called Shots]] [[Coordinate | Coordinate]] [[Drop Prone | Drop Prone]] [[Feint | Feint]] [[Fight Defensively | Fight …

  • Vehicle Rules

    Character scale is used when characters, critters, etc are involved that are not moving at vehicle speeds, while Chase scale is used when only vehicles and things moving at similar speeds are involved. Movement is the number of spaces the car can move, …

  • Minigun

    Unlike standard Machine Guns, Miniguns have special rules governing unmounted use. To wield a Minigun without a weapon mount, the firer must be size Large or larger, or possess a Strength of 18 or higher. The range increment is reduced by 25%. Furthermore …