Hollis "soul crusher" McCormick

Eh, you know crushing souls and all

Karma: 46
Str 17 +1 AT LVL 4 Dex 16
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 15
Cha 13
Luck 17
Class: Strong Hero
Level: 5
Occupation: Criminal
Trait: One in a million

Action Points: ?

  • Simple Weapon Proficiency
  • Personal Fire Arm Proficiency
  • Armor Proficiency (light)
  • Power Attack
  • Archaic Weapon Proficiency
  • Armor Proficiency (medium)
  • Weapon Focus (Great Sword) Talents:
  • Melee Smash
  • Improved Melee Smash
  • Advanced Melee Smash
Skills = Total
Climb = 3
Gamble = 6
Jump = 3
Knowledge (steetwise) = 3
Knowledge (tactics) = 3
Repair = 6
Sleight of Hand = 6
Survival = 3
Scavenge = 6

Unlike most of the people now living in the wasteland that use to be the Southeastern Commonwealth of America, my ancestors never had the security of a vault. When the war between the U.S. and China was heating up we were not chosen to be among the few who would survive this apocalypse in relative luxury. Fortunately my ancestors were prepared and lucky, and they managed to survive in a deep cave in the mountains of North Carolina.

I’ve managed to become pretty adept at surviving in the wastelands. It helps that these vault dwelling suckers keep coming out to scout out the world they left behind, some showing up as soon a 10 years after the bomb dropped according to some accounts. With all the dangers around now wanderers are almost always willing to welcome a fellow human into their group, especially when he’s carrying around a two handed sword. I like to volunteer for the night watch once I’ve gained their trust and leave them waking up the following morning with just the clothes on their backs. I always wish I could be there when they wake up to see the look on their faces. Lie, cheat, and/or steal I do whatever it takes to survive. Even crushing the souls of some vaulties.

Soul Crusher was killed at the school fighting.

Hollis "soul crusher" McCormick

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