Fallout Southeast

Unreliable Guide

We should have gone left.

From the mission log of Gai Sum:

“After leaving that cursed house, we foolishly followed this Ghoul on a wild goose chase into forest looking for magical lost ghoul paradise with fertile land. Needless to say, this not work out like he claim. Ghoul only knows where ghoul outpost is, and it is wildly irradiated. Good job team.

“Whole time we are being attacked relentlessly by roving hordes of cursed zombies, and then we run into cannibal slaver camp. If Ghoul isn’t trying to get us killed, he must really be on bad terms with shishen. Pick up two more stragglers who slavers were going to eat, seem like OK guys, but maybe too quick to violence. Also, inevitably stupid like Ghoul and other wasteland natives.

“Hope we get to school before dark, could be good defensive location if fences repaired. Also water. School that size must have at least broken water pump too, try to find it next time and maybe repair. Hopefully, we find radio soon so I can make report, have had to wait for far too long.”



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