Fallout Southeast

Our Home Away From Home

(Days 10-13)

When Sum and I reached the school, we were met with even more grim news. Our spirited friend Diedryck had been slain. The barbaric ruffian Hollis “Soul Crusher” who we had saved from the bandits only two days before had cut him down during the heat of a zombie attack. He informed us so casually that I nearly shot him dead on the spot, but Artie and Harman made it clear that it was an accident and this brute was merely too stupid to relay his regret verbally. For his sake, I hope it was an accident because he was slain during an attack by bandits the next morning. If this world we live in isn’t yet hell, then I never want to know the place he is now. The bandit attack provided us with two working vehicles, a truck and a motorcycle. There is no doubt in my mind that tools like these will come to save our lives many times over.

Sum took a long look around the school and has determined that it could be quite the defensible outpost if we were to repair a few of it’s deficiencies. To that end we have repaired the fencing but he assessed a need for more mechnical and electrical parts to complete the repair of the defense turret and water purifier system. The bandit attack had left us too injured to go in search immediately, so we spent three days recouperating, then we travelled off in search of craftable supplies for Sum.



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