Fallout Southeast

Our Feeble Efforts

(Days 8,9)

After our fight at the bandit’s camp Sum, Tobias, and myself split off from the others to return to the vault to check-in and warn them of the dangers present in this wasteland. We told Diedryck and Artie our true intent, but decided to veil our actions to the others as a separate foraging party. The plan was to meet at the abandoned school the next day. With this decision made I turned my attention to our new prisoner, surely he would be able to provide us with more information about the region. It appears though that my efforts to stabilize him had been a waste. After waiting an hour to see if he would regain consciouness a bird swooped down from the sky and grabbed the makeshift bandage I had made from his shirt! The wound was reinjured by the birds beak and he once again began to bleed out. I was unable to stop the bleeding a second time, and Tobias was off relieving himself while this happened, so he could not assist me. Gai Sum chose not to assist.

Speaking of Tobias, he seemed to be getting worse. I thought the vault medical staff would be able to help more, but during the night he attacked Sum and me. It seems that injury from the zombies that roam at night will result in you becoming a zombie yourself. No wonder there are so many of them out here. I managed to pin him down, still hoping that he might make a recovery under the care of expert vault doctors and our pristine vault-tec infirmary. But Sum panicked and without his assistance I could not secure him. I had no choice but to kill Tobias. As I reloaded my shotgun with my last 2 rounds I warned Sum that he had failed me twice that day because of panic, and if it happened again those last rounds would be for him. I never intend to shoot another friend, but hopefully that will have helped bring the danger of inaction up to the level of action so that he will assist me in further vital situations.

Upon reaching the vault’s cave, we found that a makeshift fort had been fashioned and was guarded by Gary. He denied us entry into the vault, but did facilitate our exchange of provisions as well as taking the information we had learned about the surrounding area. He also let us know that despite my warnings to the contrary they intended to keep this guard station in plain view, but also that it will have a radio transceiver providing 2-way communication to the vault if necessary on the 27.45mhz channel, or by way of our pipboy satellite communication systems.

Having exchanged supplies and information with vault, Sum and myself began our now solemn and lonely journey back to the school to meet the others.



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