Fallout Southeast

One For All

Evening of Day 28 and Day 29

I don’t know what crossed our minds, but me and Hornig decided to stay outside in the evening in a second attempt to capture a zombie to create vaccine. We were otherwise being cautious, and had been traveling only during the day in the G.A.R. buffalo soldier uniforms. This slip in judgement nearly cost us our lives. The superzombies are not the greatest threat in the night. There is a singularly powerful superzombie, who I’m calling the nightguard. Which brings to light an important question: Do zombies continue to become more powerful over time or is there something creating these stronger versions. In a snap decision we made a desperate effort to capture this specimen for study. Just before we succeeded Hornig’s will broke and he abandoned us! After only a moments, he regained his balls and returned to the fight; but it was too late, the opportunity had passed and the nightguard had escaped leaving behind a battered and broken group.

Well, while everyone rested up from our near death encounter I went out and collected another superzombie. Two vaccines were created and used by members of our team. We really need to find our car and get out of here.



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