Fallout Southeast

Everything In The Moving Picture Films Was Real!

(Days 14,15)

Growing up in the vault could get old. I could watch King Kong any day, a prehistoric beast terrorizing an above-ground metropolis, but not evil merely confused and misunderstood in that strange place. After even two times watching ridiculous men dressed as aliens wander from their trashcan space vessel though, you began to wonder if there even was a sky or stars. Maybe the vault was all there ever was.

Well, if I had believed in those movies then, I still don’t know if it would have made me ready for the past two days…

Yesterday night, as we were about to give up our wandering in search of parts for the school, we were attacked by giant, invisible spiders. And they were apparently from outer space! After barely surviving the brutal ambush we discovered a crashed alien saucer ship just as though the the movie makers had placed it there in front of us. It was pretty old and deteriorated, but we managed to find a weapon and some grenade-like objects that we later discovered were magazines of ammunition. We also found a spacesuit which I hope we can use it to improve one of the radiation suits.

Today, we spent half the day traveling and discovered a small tree-fortified settlement. The guard on station refused us entry. It seems that they have a working hydroponics facility though, and it sure would be handy to have that at our school. Perhaps they will let us examine it to create our own elsewhere. (Though I don’t think we should share that we will have pure water for our future crops to nourish in.) They seemed to be suffering mildly and referred to a savior-like giver that provided for all their needs. George Lumbarr, who I’ve forgotten to mention up to now but had begun travelling with us after a recent meeting with Crazy Jakes, suggested that we seek out this “Giver” and perhaps he’d give to us as well. I imagine I’ll write more about George at the right time later, but for the moment the only thing that interests me to share is our encounter with this fantastic “Giver”.

We had been travelling for almost the rest of the day when suddenly someone noticed a strange covering. It had probably been designed as camoflage, but in this region it did nothing to obscure it’s presence. On our approach we were attacked by a giant warmachine! We stood no chance next to it’s military capabilities, yet it was destroyed almost immediately when in desperation George Lumbarr fired the alien weapon at it. It’s hard to say what awed me more, the power of the robot that stood to kill us all in the name of defending a nation long dead or the power of the gun that silenced our relic foe. Truly, I felt totally overwhelmed. But just as I had thought that no more strange events were possible in my life (well, certainly my week) we discovered that an ancient Mammoth was tied down beneath the camoflage netting! It identified itself as the “Giver” and explained however unlikely that it had been created by a science facility to the south and during its creation was embued with an astonishing intelligence that left me appearing quite stupid at its side. It’s hard to believe that a world capable of such wonders could have been so easily destroyed by simple greed and envy. The creature was not gifted with manners, but did provide us with many spare parts that it had amassed into its matted fur so I suppose that its crudeness may be forgiven. I had hoped to recover some of the military components of the robot for use in defending the school, but upon its defeat it annihilated itself in a small radioactive explosion.

Tonight we are returning to the log fortress, hopefully they will be so greatful about our success they will allow us to prepare blueprints of their hydroponics system.



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