Fallout Southeast

Getting Shot by a Sniper is no fun

Today I got shot by a hunting rifle many times. How I survived I do not know. I owe thanks to Jimmy on this one. We were headed to the hospital to see if we could get some medical supplies and maybe food. Unfortunetly we walked right into a snipers field of vision and took a lot of damage. This guy was good. We managed to find the building he was on top of and cornered him. He got in a well placed shot on me and I passed out. Next thing I know Jimmy is standing over after he used a stim pack to get me back to my feet. I managed to grapple with the sniper and we subdued him. Being a member of the Brotherhood I showed him no mercy and punched his head in. Not one of them deserve to live after the atrocities they have committed. I took his rifle from him; I figure with some practice I can shoot as good as him. Against my protests we headed on torwards the Hospital. When we got there we tried to sneak up to the entrance, but were immediatly spotted. I decided to go with the strategy “he who runs away lives to fight another day” and made a graceful retreat. The others soon saw the brilliance of my strategy (thanks two ranks in knowledge tactics) and also retreated. Well I’m almost died, but I got a nifty rifle I’m not very good at shooting and I surivived to fight another day. I would say today was a good day.

Hornig Out

One For All
Evening of Day 28 and Day 29

I don’t know what crossed our minds, but me and Hornig decided to stay outside in the evening in a second attempt to capture a zombie to create vaccine. We were otherwise being cautious, and had been traveling only during the day in the G.A.R. buffalo soldier uniforms. This slip in judgement nearly cost us our lives. The superzombies are not the greatest threat in the night. There is a singularly powerful superzombie, who I’m calling the nightguard. Which brings to light an important question: Do zombies continue to become more powerful over time or is there something creating these stronger versions. In a snap decision we made a desperate effort to capture this specimen for study. Just before we succeeded Hornig’s will broke and he abandoned us! After only a moments, he regained his balls and returned to the fight; but it was too late, the opportunity had passed and the nightguard had escaped leaving behind a battered and broken group.

Well, while everyone rested up from our near death encounter I went out and collected another superzombie. Two vaccines were created and used by members of our team. We really need to find our car and get out of here.

Home Sweet Home
(Days 25-28)

Bob Navarro’s house is pretty well setup; an oasis castle in this desert of death. We had barely managed to drag ourselves back to this suburban fortress when howling from the outside began. Navarro said the superzombies taunt him every night, he also said that we could stay as long as we didn’t jeopardize his safety. I didn’t want to come to this town in the first place and I hadn’t felt safe since we arrived. I won’t say I feel entirely safe around Navarro but he has an oddly genuine trustworthiness about him. Actually, Navarro’s house kinda feels like being back in the vault, home sweet home.

“Artie” was bitten by the superzombies, but managed to pull through. Navarro said he’d developed a a process to create a vaccine for zombism, but to produce it he needs a “live” superzombie. In a two-pronged effort of self-preservation, I’ve begun to lead the group out to capture superzombies. A vaccine like that will protect us, but its value for trade is almost limitless.

The superzombies aren’t the only danger in this town, though they seem to be the only ones out after dark. The radio broadcast we were tracking was not a message of hope but a trap to lure in unsuspecting victims in to be enslaved by an army of the best equipped individuls we’ve seen since we left the vault. The G.A.R, which stands for the Grand Aryan Revolution is a group of black men that have military uniforms and armor. Oddly they do not have similar weapons which leads to many questions about the origin of there supplies.

If only the hot vampire chicks weren't vampires

Dear Diary,

Last night I almost got laid by some super hot vampire chicks. I would have gone for it but, well I didn’t want to drink blood for substanance for the rest of my life. On a bit of brighter news I have killed 3 aryan race group members with my own two hands. George has tied me though he killed 3 with one shot. I wish there was an alien blaster for my fists of justice!

My Brain Doesn't Taste That Good Mr. Zombie I Promise

We reached G-ville at night and came across a barrier set up by some of the locals. They wouldn’t let us pass in our vehicle, but knew where the senders of the radio signal were. They were the gar and the enemies of these people. The gar aren’t the Aryan group that enslaved me but from what I’ve heard they are no better. We decided to let the honest looking locals to guard our truck while we went and kicked some gar ass. On our way to fight the gar we got attacked by zombies. I showed off my green belt skills and killed two in one attack. The rest of the party was amazed. We took down the first group of zombies no problem. Artie however noticed that for once these zombies actually used TACTICS! We then got attacked by one of the trustworthy locals and two zombies. I criticalled the local in his face to teach him for being fake trustworthy. Artie got bit in the process and then seemed to be ignored for the rest of the battles. After this second battle we decided to press forward and reach the hospital where the gar were. We then got attacked by 4 of the trustworthy locals and two of them wound up picking on little ol’ me. George resorted to desperate measures and pulled out his alien gun. I was on the ropes but thanks to a stranger coming in to help we were able to defeat these locals as well. The locals had the same characteristics as zombies as being imune to most damage except that done to their head, but they weren’t mindless like zombies and were far more powerful. After this battle we decided to return with the stranger, Bob-Navarro, to his place for some much needed rest and to come up with a new game plan. We got attacked once more but we proved to be too strong for the locals and successfully made it to Bob-Navarro’s house to rest.

Hornig Out

No getting laid just pummeled by super mutants

Today there was no getting laid…

We came back to the school compound with our hoard of parts. This guy gai sum from the vault tried to use the parts we had to fix the water purifier. Unfortunelty he failed. I’m not sure if it was his lack of skill or the parts we had were just not of enough quality. A couple of days ago Artie a member of the party had a transmission come through from a outpost in the distance. We decided to venture there in our combat truck to see if they might have some extra electrical parts and maybe some other supplies. George took the wheel while I Hornig took the co-driver seat. George had mad skills behind the wheel of “The Scrounger”. We had a map that had two gas stations on it which were on the way to the outpost. As we were driving down the road we came under attack by knights. With no skill with a gun I was almost useless. I tried jumping off the truck and hitting them as they drove by but I was mostly ineffective. In all the fighting Bob and I were knocked out. We managed to beat them back and was able to scavenge one of their motorcycles. We made it to the gas station pretty ragged. We spent some time repairing the scrounger and resting. We decided to head for the second gas station. On our way we came under attack again. It seems like our party has a laser tageting system on it triggering all the surrounding bad guys to attack us. Anyways this vehicle with 25mm cannon attacked us. It pretty much demolished scrounger in a minute or two. Bob and myself were left all alone on the scrounger when could explode at any moment. I had no choice but to ride the motorcycle with the unconsious bob on it to safety. Inside the vehicle that attacked us came two super mutants to finish us off. What they didn’t see coming was george and his alien weapon. About 30 seconds later they were both on the ground dead. I’ve got to say I’m glad George is on my side. Right now I’m writing from the second gas station. Tomorrow we will be headed for the outpost. I didn’t get laid today, but I’m glad to be alive. Maybe there will be some hot chicas at the outpost we are headed to.

Hornig Signing off.

Everything In The Moving Picture Films Was Real!
(Days 14,15)

Growing up in the vault could get old. I could watch King Kong any day, a prehistoric beast terrorizing an above-ground metropolis, but not evil merely confused and misunderstood in that strange place. After even two times watching ridiculous men dressed as aliens wander from their trashcan space vessel though, you began to wonder if there even was a sky or stars. Maybe the vault was all there ever was.

Well, if I had believed in those movies then, I still don’t know if it would have made me ready for the past two days…

Yesterday night, as we were about to give up our wandering in search of parts for the school, we were attacked by giant, invisible spiders. And they were apparently from outer space! After barely surviving the brutal ambush we discovered a crashed alien saucer ship just as though the the movie makers had placed it there in front of us. It was pretty old and deteriorated, but we managed to find a weapon and some grenade-like objects that we later discovered were magazines of ammunition. We also found a spacesuit which I hope we can use it to improve one of the radiation suits.

Today, we spent half the day traveling and discovered a small tree-fortified settlement. The guard on station refused us entry. It seems that they have a working hydroponics facility though, and it sure would be handy to have that at our school. Perhaps they will let us examine it to create our own elsewhere. (Though I don’t think we should share that we will have pure water for our future crops to nourish in.) They seemed to be suffering mildly and referred to a savior-like giver that provided for all their needs. George Lumbarr, who I’ve forgotten to mention up to now but had begun travelling with us after a recent meeting with Crazy Jakes, suggested that we seek out this “Giver” and perhaps he’d give to us as well. I imagine I’ll write more about George at the right time later, but for the moment the only thing that interests me to share is our encounter with this fantastic “Giver”.

We had been travelling for almost the rest of the day when suddenly someone noticed a strange covering. It had probably been designed as camoflage, but in this region it did nothing to obscure it’s presence. On our approach we were attacked by a giant warmachine! We stood no chance next to it’s military capabilities, yet it was destroyed almost immediately when in desperation George Lumbarr fired the alien weapon at it. It’s hard to say what awed me more, the power of the robot that stood to kill us all in the name of defending a nation long dead or the power of the gun that silenced our relic foe. Truly, I felt totally overwhelmed. But just as I had thought that no more strange events were possible in my life (well, certainly my week) we discovered that an ancient Mammoth was tied down beneath the camoflage netting! It identified itself as the “Giver” and explained however unlikely that it had been created by a science facility to the south and during its creation was embued with an astonishing intelligence that left me appearing quite stupid at its side. It’s hard to believe that a world capable of such wonders could have been so easily destroyed by simple greed and envy. The creature was not gifted with manners, but did provide us with many spare parts that it had amassed into its matted fur so I suppose that its crudeness may be forgiven. I had hoped to recover some of the military components of the robot for use in defending the school, but upon its defeat it annihilated itself in a small radioactive explosion.

Tonight we are returning to the log fortress, hopefully they will be so greatful about our success they will allow us to prepare blueprints of their hydroponics system.

Our Home Away From Home
(Days 10-13)

When Sum and I reached the school, we were met with even more grim news. Our spirited friend Diedryck had been slain. The barbaric ruffian Hollis “Soul Crusher” who we had saved from the bandits only two days before had cut him down during the heat of a zombie attack. He informed us so casually that I nearly shot him dead on the spot, but Artie and Harman made it clear that it was an accident and this brute was merely too stupid to relay his regret verbally. For his sake, I hope it was an accident because he was slain during an attack by bandits the next morning. If this world we live in isn’t yet hell, then I never want to know the place he is now. The bandit attack provided us with two working vehicles, a truck and a motorcycle. There is no doubt in my mind that tools like these will come to save our lives many times over.

Sum took a long look around the school and has determined that it could be quite the defensible outpost if we were to repair a few of it’s deficiencies. To that end we have repaired the fencing but he assessed a need for more mechnical and electrical parts to complete the repair of the defense turret and water purifier system. The bandit attack had left us too injured to go in search immediately, so we spent three days recouperating, then we travelled off in search of craftable supplies for Sum.

Our Feeble Efforts
(Days 8,9)

After our fight at the bandit’s camp Sum, Tobias, and myself split off from the others to return to the vault to check-in and warn them of the dangers present in this wasteland. We told Diedryck and Artie our true intent, but decided to veil our actions to the others as a separate foraging party. The plan was to meet at the abandoned school the next day. With this decision made I turned my attention to our new prisoner, surely he would be able to provide us with more information about the region. It appears though that my efforts to stabilize him had been a waste. After waiting an hour to see if he would regain consciouness a bird swooped down from the sky and grabbed the makeshift bandage I had made from his shirt! The wound was reinjured by the birds beak and he once again began to bleed out. I was unable to stop the bleeding a second time, and Tobias was off relieving himself while this happened, so he could not assist me. Gai Sum chose not to assist.

Speaking of Tobias, he seemed to be getting worse. I thought the vault medical staff would be able to help more, but during the night he attacked Sum and me. It seems that injury from the zombies that roam at night will result in you becoming a zombie yourself. No wonder there are so many of them out here. I managed to pin him down, still hoping that he might make a recovery under the care of expert vault doctors and our pristine vault-tec infirmary. But Sum panicked and without his assistance I could not secure him. I had no choice but to kill Tobias. As I reloaded my shotgun with my last 2 rounds I warned Sum that he had failed me twice that day because of panic, and if it happened again those last rounds would be for him. I never intend to shoot another friend, but hopefully that will have helped bring the danger of inaction up to the level of action so that he will assist me in further vital situations.

Upon reaching the vault’s cave, we found that a makeshift fort had been fashioned and was guarded by Gary. He denied us entry into the vault, but did facilitate our exchange of provisions as well as taking the information we had learned about the surrounding area. He also let us know that despite my warnings to the contrary they intended to keep this guard station in plain view, but also that it will have a radio transceiver providing 2-way communication to the vault if necessary on the 27.45mhz channel, or by way of our pipboy satellite communication systems.

Having exchanged supplies and information with vault, Sum and myself began our now solemn and lonely journey back to the school to meet the others.

Lucky and Unlucky

It seems our normal logger has left the party for the time being so it looks like it is up to me SOULCRUSHER to keep the log this time…

We started our journey from the slaver camp where both me and Bob the cleric were stil bloodied from the fight. Traveling at night in order to be at our best for when the zombies come out we managed to fight off a couple of waves. I myself split one in two with a mighty blow from my sword. Unfortunetly I slipped on the next swing and cut Diedryck in half. The rest of us managed to survive until daybreak. That damn Arty was useless though. You have a gun use it.

We rested for a while and then continued our travels to the broken down school. We came across Crazy Jakes’ Roadside Supply. He had some very nice wares unfortunetly they were out of my price range. I did sell off 10 gallons of gas and was able to get a pretty sweet combat helmet. We also met George who is quick on his feet. He decided to come with us to the school because well who wants to walk in the wastelands by themselves??

We made it to the school without any further losses. Inside it was pitch black and all we had was a pen light that Arty had. Inside we were attacked by zombies. After defeating all but one of the initial wave and Giant zombie appeared. Harman stepped up to the plate and did a ton of damage to it with his combat shotgun. I then took at turn at it with my sword and did some damage. Harman then got grabbed by it and got a big bite taken out of him. Eventually the big brute took Harman down. I didn’t have a choice then. I put all the force I could behind the next blow and staggered the huge monster. Somehow he kept fighting and the hit he gave me next staggered me. I could barely breath. A zombie however walked past me going towards Bob and I realized if it gets Bob then no one is going to be able to heal me. I used the last of my strength to take down the zombie and fell unconsious. Luckily in the next round the zombie boss finally collapsed from all the blows it had sustained. We were victorious but at what cost?? I have started to notice the beginnings of the zombie disease in Bob. I have no idea how to stop that or if it can be stopped, hopefully the god he prays to has more power than I.

We’ve barracicaded ourselves in the school for now hoping to get some well-deserved rest.


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